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A beautiful bright smile will really boost a person’s confidence. Sometimes things like coffee, smoking or medications can darken teeth. When that happens there are ways to make the smile bright again. White teeth can be achieved by using tooth strips or whitening toothpastes, dental trays or by visiting your dentist for professional teeth whitening. The level of whitening depends on the concentration of peroxide bleach used in the whitening products. Over-the-counter products will not contain the amounts of bleach that professional products will contain. Here at Radiant Smiles Pro near Stafford, VA, we offer excellent whitening services to make sure you are leaving with a brighter smile!


Zoom teeth whitening uses bleach and UV lights to make teeth bright again. With just one 20-minute session, clients can expect teeth to be 3 shades whiter. This session can be extended into two 20-minute sessions which will make teeth significantly whiter than before. For those people wanting the best teeth whitening option, the three 20- minute sessions (1-hour total) will result in teeth up to 8 shades brighter and whiter than before.

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The UV lights penetrate surface enamel and break up stains that are under the tooth’s surface. These stains can’t be reached with whitening strips or toothpastes. White teeth and a great smile can easily be attained in about an hour with Zoom teeth whitening. Just sit and listen to music or watch TV while this safe teeth whitening technique works to provide a brilliant new smile. If you are interested in getting Zoom near Stafford, VA, give us a call today!


After the professional visit, people want to keep their teeth white. To accomplish this, most dental professionals will send clients home with tooth bleaching trays to use. These trays are filled with the peroxide gel. They are usually customized to fit the clients mouth so that gums are protected during the treatments. People will wear the trays for the specified amount of time to keep teeth pearly white.


Tooth whitening is considered cosmetic dentistry. However, it is much more than just attaining a gorgeous smile. Getting a great white smile is a confidence booster. People will smile more and feel better about themselves. They may even become more social. There are so many advantages to having teeth whitened, if you are interested and live near Stafford, VA, visit our office for a consultation!


A great tooth whitener will make a smile several shades brighter with just one office visit. The best teeth whitening options will come from professionals, not in-home treatments. However, to main the whiteness from the professional visit, at-home treatments are necessary. How many treatments and what amount of time will depend on the professional. Contact a professional at Radiant Smiles Pro near Stafford, VA, to see if the at-home treatment is a good fit for you!


Today, people don’t have to settle with having dull, lackluster smiles. Brilliant white smiles can be easily attained in a very short amount of time. They are also affordable. Why would anyone hide their smile behind their hands anymore? Simply call Radiant Smiles Pro near Stafford VA, and book an appointment. In about an hour a beautiful white smile is possible.


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