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We use a laser whitening gel that is strong enough to deliver the results our clients want, yet gentle enough to provide a non-invasive pleasurable teeth whitening experience.  Our whitening gel is made right here in the USA in an FDA registered facility.   We do not store gels in our locations for long periods of time. We take pride in delivering fresh gels to our salons monthly  in order to provide you with the best whitening experience possible.

 LED Whitening Accelerator Light

Our teeth whitening salon lights are the most effective in the world. We take the whitening process very seriously and also make sure to only offer the most advance and safest lights on the market in our salons. In our opinion, our gel ingredients and our salon lights are the two most important factors in the process. We make our own gels and never use a supplier like most competitors. That’s why our customers continually come back time and time again. Our lights are made to work specifically with our gel ingredients to deliver the whitest shade possible for your teeth. We assure you that safety is also of utmost concern to us. Our lights are manufactured in an FDA registered facility for us and we make our gels right here in the U.S. also in an FDA registered facility. Your safety and our efficient process will blow you away with results! We invite you to visit one of our salons and see the difference.


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